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After more than 2 years of uncertainty, a major loss of inspiration and countless amounts of events cancelled due to the circumstances, Julian Weiss is finally on his way back to where he left off in 2019. He is more driven than ever to get back on stage and share his music live. So far, six public show dates have already been confirmed and hopefully many more are to follow soon. Please head over to TOUR to find all tour dates and please consider subscribing to the newsletter to get all updates on future shows.  

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After months of hard work, the new, fully renewed website of Julian Weiss is finally back online! Many media pages on this website will be filled with even more content in the next couple of weeks and months, so please check in now and then to stay tuned! And if you wanna be the first to know the latest updates, please consider subscribing to the newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to check out the new website, take care and see you again very soon!