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Julian Weiss proudly announces his lineup of concerts for 2024.

Weiss is ready to ignite stages with his passion for music once again, promising an unforgettable and connecting experience for his audiences, in a time where the value of live music and people coming together has never been more important.

"The times we’re living in impose a unique responsibility upon artists. In today's growing climate of division, it's incumbent upon us artists to use our voices for hope and unity, to create positive change and foster connections that defy societal divides. At its core, music always had and still has the incredible power to transcend barriers and bring people together," says Weiss.

Reflecting on the challenges of everything that happened since 2020, he remains steadfast in his commitment to bringing his music to the masses. "The road hasn't been easy, but every setback has only fueled my passion further," he asserts. "I am more determined than ever to share my music, to uplift spirits, and to create bonding moments and memories with my audiences" 

So far, 21 public show dates have already been confirmed and it is expected that many more are to follow.

Please head over to TOUR to find all tour dates and please consider subscribing to the newsletter to get all updates on future shows. 

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